COVID-Cancer Projects

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a large number of studies that will inform the care of cancer patients. These are the studies we are aware of divided into the following:

Edinburgh and South East Scotland COVID-19 studies in Cancer Patients

  • Edinburgh is one of the major contributors to the UK coronavirus cancer monitoring project (UK-CCMP), which is collecting data on a sample of patients with cancer who have proven COVID-19 infections, open in more than 45 UK cancer centres
  • The Edinburgh Cancer Information Team is monitoring SACT activity during the pandemic
  • The Edinburgh Cancer Information Team is monitoring radiotherapy activity during the pandemic
  • Measurement of delayed diagnosis, stage shift and mode of presentation
  • Patient experience of the Cancer Assessment, triage and admissions process during the COVID-19 response is being assessed through a feedback and evaluation project led by the Edinburgh Cancer Centre’s Cancer Assessment Unit team
  • The Edinburgh Cancer Information Programme is maintaining a vulnerable patient / recommended shielding list – maintained in support of the Scottish Government COVID-19 shielding programme
  • SCCAMP – the Scottish COVID Cancer Immunity Project is a measuring the prevalence and durability SARS-CoV-2 seroconversion using antibody testing in patients undergoing active cancer treatment

UK and International COVID-19 studies in Cancer Patients

  • The COVIDSurg-Cancer project is creating a registry of surgically treated cancer patients during the COVID-19 period 
  • The National Cancer Research Institute Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group (CTRad) have developed a proposal – COVID RT through the CTRad Executive. They aim to determine the impact of the pandemic on: i) patient outcomes by collecting information on changes to standard radiotherapy prospectively using a standard template. ii) radiotherapy treatment policy and prioritisation by analysing treatment policy and prioritisation protocols for each radiotherapy centre. iii) the UK radiotherapy service and workforce in partnership with the RCR, SCoR and IPEM.
  • ISARIC are operating a largest registry in Europe of COVID-19 diagnosed patients and are producing rapid data reports that will include cancer patients.
  • In the US the COVID-19 and Cancer project is creating a voluntary national registry, similar to the UK-CCMP.

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