UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring – Edinburgh Group

Project overview

The Edinburgh Cancer Centre (ECC), on behalf of SCAN (South East Scotland Cancer Network), are contributing to this national registry of cases of covid in patients with a diagnosis of cancer. Analyses of the data collected will be reported on a weekly basis to provide cancer teams with real-time data to inform cancer care planning.  In addition, the data collated within our region will form the basis for our regional data analysis and response.  The registry is for patients with an active diagnosis of cancer and a confirmed diagnosis of COVID.  

Full information is available here:


Reporting in Edinburgh

We invite anyone to report a case through this referral mechanism.  If a patient with cancer is diagnosed with COVID, the details should be sent via the referral form available on the Shared Drive, or can request this via email.  The form requires minimal key data which can be entered into the body of an email, and this should be sent to
The Local Emergency Response Reporting Group (LERRG) will be responsible for adding cases to the national registry via a password protected and anonymised reporting system.  SCAN has gained local and regional Caldicott approval, as minimal data sharing will need to occur between the Healthcare Boards.  Other FAQs are available on the UKCCMP website.

Data output

The ECC will retain the ability to access to the cases it submits and can use this, with citation of source, for any appropriate purpose, but this will not be visible to other Centres.  Equally, the ECC cannot see the data submitted by any other Centre.  Data is completely de-identified at the point of submission, and stored on a secure server hosted by the University of Birmingham. Data is only re-identifiable via a unique and confidential key held only by the ECC.

National updates are reported weekly – you can sign up to receive these email updates via links on the national website.  Infographic updates are also available on twitter: @UKCORONACANCER.

Edinburgh Local Emergency Response Reporting Group (LERRG)

Dr Karin Purshouse (Emergency Response Reporting Individual – Medical Oncology Specialty Registrar)
Dr Peter Hall (Emergency Response Reporting Individual – Consultant)
Christina Lilley (SCAN Modernisation Manager)
Paul Ramage (Data Manager)
Dr Ruth Fullerton (Clinical Oncology Specialty Registrar)
Jackie Whigham (Acute Oncology Project Manager, Clinical Nurse Specialist)
UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring – Edinburgh Group

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