Scottish COVID CAncer iMmunity Prevalence (SCCAMP) study

Is COVID-19 immunity reduced in cancer patients?

It is still uncertain to what extent cancer or cancer treatments reduce immunity. More research is needed. We know that antibody tests can indicate prior COVID-19 infection but it is important that we find out how many people with cancer have antibodies against COVID-19 and whether the antibody response is affected by their treatment.  We also need to understand if having detectable antibodies leads to good immunity from subsequent re-infection with COVID-19.

What is the SCCAMP study is trying to find out?

SCCAMP is a simple clinical trial which aim to investigate the above. To do this, blood samples are taken regularly over a 1 year period from consenting patients who are attending the NHS for routine treatment for cancer in Scotland. These samples are then tested for markers of immune response to COVID-19 using an antibody test, and analyses will then be performed to better understand COVID-19 immunity in cancer patients. 

How do I take part?

SCCAMP is currently recruiting patients who are undergoing treatment at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre. If you would like to take part please speak to a member of your clinical team.

What happens if I join?

Download the full Patient Information Sheet

Recent publications

The team

Dr Peter Hall (Co-PI)

Dr Karin Pushouse (Co-PI)

Dr Mahéva Vallet (Senior Research Manager)

Dr John Thomson (Senior Bioinformatician)

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