Lung cancer admission patterns during the pandemic

Data from a single-center study in Scotland suggested that there were more patients with lung cancer admitted acutely with cancer, non-COVID-19-related illness during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Early and late lockdown were characterized by a reduction in self-presentation and longer resulting admission suggesting that patients were admitted with more complex pathology and consequently had longer admission,” […]

Evidence Update – Covid-19 in patients with Thoracic Malignancies

Speciality Trainee in Medical Oncology Dr Ashley Pheely gives an update on some recent evidence about Covid-19 in patients with cancer TERAVOLT STUDY- COVID-19 in patients with thoracic malignancies (TERAVOLT): first results of an international, registry-based, cohort study M Garassino et al Background: initial data released in March 2020 from Wuhan, China suggested that patients with […]

Evidence Update – Covid-19 and Cancer

Speciality Trainee in Medical Oncology Dr Sam Kestenbaum gives an update on some recent evidence about Covid-19 in patients with cancer Clinical impact of COVID-19 on patients with cancer (CCC19): a cohort study Kuderer NM, Choueiri TK, Shah DP et al. 28/06/20, The Lancet Background: Due to the high prevalence of cancer and the high transmissibility of […]

Evidence Update – Covid-19 in Healthcare Workers

Speciality Trainee in Clinical Oncology Dr Karen Mactier gives an update on some recent evidence. Evidence of past COVID-19 infection in healthcare workers (HCWs) is becoming a focus of medical and political interest. Here is a summary of the first, medium-size study in the NHS workforce with comments on  similar Spanish and German studies. Shields […]

Evidence Update – Covid-19 and Cancer 2

Specialist registrar in Clinical Oncology Dr Stuart Walter reviews two recent papers He highlights the importance of acknowledging the conclusion in the second paper: ‘While having cancer and receiving certain cancer therapies remain plausible risk factors for both contracting SARSCoV-2 infections and having more severe COVID-19 outcomes, existing data do not yet answer these questions’. […]

Evidence update – COVID-19 outcomes in cancer patients

Specialty Trainee in Clinical Oncology Dr Ruth Fullerton gives an update on some recent evidence. For people living with cancer and the clinicians looking after them there remain a lot of uncertainties about the affect of covid-19. There has been particular concern that the anti-cancer treatments we use may put people at increased risk of […]

COVID19 and cancer – making sense of the risk

Specialty Registrar and ECAT Clinical Lecturer in Medical Oncology Dr Karin Purshouse outlines the early evidence around the risk posed by COVID19 to patients with cancer Cancer centres across the UK have radically changed their approach to managing patients with cancer in response to the COVID19 pandemic. In line with NICE guidelines, this has included […]

UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring – Edinburgh Group

Project overview The Edinburgh Cancer Centre (ECC), on behalf of SCAN (South East Scotland Cancer Network), are contributing to this national registry of cases of covid in patients with a diagnosis of cancer. Analyses of the data collected will be reported on a weekly basis to provide cancer teams with real-time data to inform cancer […]

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