Prehab Project – A Lung Cancer Study Using REDCap

Summary by Dr Iain Phillips.

The Edinburgh Cancer Informatics is supporting a prehabilitation project at St John’s hospital, Livingston, West Lothian for patients with likely lung cancer.

All patients with stage 3 and 4 radiologically diagnosed lung cancer are offered prehabilitation. This involves a thorough pre visit assessment. All patients are seen by a Consultant in symptom control, registered dietitian and chartered rehabilitation physiotherapist. These appointments happen alongside the standard diagnostic pathway. This is a joint working project with MSD (Merck Sharp and Dohme).


The Edinburgh Cancer Informatics is specifically supporting the data collection and analysis, to understand the impact of prehabilitation on a patient cohort who are often older, co-morbid and have a high symptom burden at diagnosis. This is done via the REDCap secure platform where medical staff enter patients’ diagnosis, treatments, and tests so that this can be analysed and improve patients’ care and pathway.

Listen to Dr Iain Philips talk about the early prehabilitation in Lung cancer here.

Outcomes of this work will be published here. 

Prehab Project – A Lung Cancer Study Using REDCap

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