South East Scotland Cancer Database launch

The South and East Scotland Cancer Database (SESCD) launched on its new SQL Server platform in November 2019. As a significant step forward from our old Microsoft Access database, the new database, hosted by NHS Lothian eHealth, now provides a capable basis for wide ranging uses of cancer data, from simple clinical audit to advanced […]

Integrating PROMs using a smartphone support app for patients with breast cancer

Patients helping to drive innovation in NHS Scotland A guest blog, originally posted by the Cancer Innovation Challenge, from Dr Anne Bruinvels, Founder of Px HealthCare. Px HealthCare received Phase 2 funding from the Cancer Innovation Challenge to develop their tool OWise in Scotland, in partnership with NHS Lothian, in the New approaches to record and integrate cancer PROMs and […]

What is Cancer Informatics?

Information technology plays a key role in fighting cancer through a growing field called cancer informatics.   Cancer informatics is where information science, computer science and health care intersect. It’s about acquiring, storing and using information about cancer most thoroughly and efficiently.   Its tools include computers, clinical guidelines, and information and communication systems. It […]

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